I guess there was a life before iPhones, iPads and Android but I can not seem to remember it :-). All the apps listed here work on  the IOS and Android platforms.

I am probably on my Nexus (smartphone) and iPad 2 to 3 hours a day. All of the apps listed below I use everyday.

  • Moves - A pedometer and map of my walking and bus routes
  • Magic Jack, I can make free phone calls to my friends and family anywhere in the world
  •  Evernote- taking notes and photos
  • Flipboard - Personalized news and magazines
  • Pocket Cast - Listening to podcasts from thousands of sources

Other apps I use for customized purposes. For example:

  • Bridge Base - Playing Dupiicate Bridge with partners around the world
  • Netflix - Viewing Movies and TV programs
  • Easy Taxi- calling a cab on a rainy day and tracking the arrival plus driver information
  • Weather Timeline - finding the weather for a future travel.
  • Duolingo - Language Tutorials - I Use this to practice my Spanish

All the above apps are free and can be obtained from the Google Play Store (Android) or the App store (IOS)

The TedBlog Website has a fantastic post on

25+ apps to make your everyday life Easier

What are your favorite apps?