Interactive Art Director

June 10 & 11, 2016


As featured in Web Design Magazine and The Web Designer's Handbook (volume 3), a representative of Latin America from Monterey, Mexico, Ramiro is a Seattle based Interactive Art Director and has had the privilege to work with many talented teams in a very diverse range of projects. His work covers a broad basis of clientele from fortune 10 clients to MMA fighters.

As design director for companies like Microsoft, Verizon, Dell, Beget, Giorgio Armani, Southwest Airlines, Pro Foods, and 343 Industries, Ramiro has built a reputation as one of the world's leading design ambassadors.

Ramiro is well known for his stunning visual presentations, carefully crafted, and seamless user experiences which are evident in his signature interface design for Halo 5. This Big Design Keynote will bring instruction on what it's like to work on giant industry projects and how to connect with people who influence them.

In addition, Ramiro will be teaching a workshop on June 10 to provide tips on how to create stunning imagery and interfaces using a variety of industry specific tools.