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Len Edgerly writes The Kindle Chronicles Blog and Podcast which he has done since July 26, 2008. He has-been publishing Interviews with publishers, authors, luminaries and geeks ever since. Nearly 400 interviews have been recorded during this period in less than 10 years.

Many of the readers of this article also write their own blog (s). They know the challenge of writing or recoding media on a timely interesting basis for a web site or blog. 

What Are The Key Elements Of A Successful Blog / Podcast

  • Compelling Title - The unique source of information
  • Good Writing - Easy to read and edit for mobile devices
  • Personality - Show and tell the readers who you are, do not try to be perfect. Be professional and let your strengths shine through your writing.
  • Valuable Links - Readers appreciate reliable information and helpful resources
  • Good graphics - That reinforce your message

Why You Should Subscribe To The Kindle Chronicles

When Jeff Bezos, the CEO of amazon.com Introduced the first Kindle reader in November 2007 it was priced at $ 399. It was the first successful attempt at disrupting the century-old publishing business based on paper. Now a much improved Kindle is $ 80 and will contain a nearly unlimited amount of titles. More importantly the Kindle App is now available on iPads, iPhones, and the complete line of Android Phones. Some people find it easier and more cost effective to read books and other publications on an iPad, tablet or smartphone

The Kindle Chronicles website has valuable information for the e-reader enthusiast, entrepreneur or technology geek. Some of the information includes the following:

  1. Interviews with leading E-book authors
  2. General Technology News
  3. How To Tips (iecreating ebooks)
  4. Upcoming product releases
  5. Links to valuable educational and technology web sites

Online Friends Appear In Ecuador

I met Len Edgerly six years ago when i discovered his now famous website - The Kindle Chronicles. This is a must read / listen if you are a fan of ebooks in General and The Kindle specifically. TheKindleChronicles podcast comes out every Friday. Each Friday I look forward to Len's topic and interesting guest.

We Became friends on Facebook and Instagram, exchanging emails. A few weeks ago, I saw on Instagram that Len was in Quito. I contacted him and Len  changed some of His travel plans in Ecuador to allow a visit to Cuenca, where i live. Our online friendship became an "in person"friendship, His wife Darlene and sister-in-law, Deb, came to Cuenca. My wife, Sharon, and I really enjoyed meeting them and "hanging out" for awhile.

Len Interviewed me about my 4.5 years in Cuenca. You can listen to the complete interview here.   Please, take 30 minutes to browse The Kindle Chronicles for Ecuador and other stories About Become a subscriber. I recommend Len Edgerly's tech expertise.

Inspiring Words For Young Podcasters From Len Edgerly

Pick a topic you are passionate about, in order to get through dry spells. Post regularly-weekly if possible.  Choose a simple format and stick to it. Try to make everything about your show better from audio quality to pacing of questions for guests. Answer every person who reaches out with feedback


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