UXPA Ecuador Events Calendar

The UXPA Ecuador is a community of designers, developers, marketeers and academics who meet regularly to share expertise, techniques, stories and experiences.

Beyond the UXPA Ecuador meetings, we also participate in larger national events, with our main event in June at the Big Design International Conference in Quito, where our international partners bring high level speakers from other parts of the world and also bring in interesting national speakers from outside the traditional UXPA community,   Anybody can request specific types of content or speakers, and when we have enough demand, we will arrange it.  Membership to the UXPA is extremely inexpensive and entitles you to attend all nine monthly meetings.  

In the calendar you can see at a glance what events we have confirmed so far. 


Eventos de Big Design Latin America

Eventos de Big Design atraen interés internacional y nuestra presentadores , audiencia y patrocinadores representan 3 continentes de profesionales. Es impresionante que el 60 % de nuestros asistentes viajan desde fuera de la ciudad para asistir y 56 % de los asistentes son personas influyentes en su trabajo, mientras que el 31 % son quienes toman las decisiones reales.

UXPA Ecuador - World Usability Day 2015 -  Universidad Tecnológica Indoamérica

UXPA Ecuador - World Usability Day 2015 - Universidad Tecnológica Indoamérica